About Dr Andrea

Andrea is a bubbly, energetic Melbourne Family Chiropractor, specialising in the care of mothers and babies. Andrea adores her practice and strives to provide the best care possible.

Andrea has always had a great passion for helping women conceive, experience their optimal pregnancy and birth, then raise healthy happy children.

She was a paediatric clinician at RMIT for three years.

Andrea has also trained as a Doula and runs workshops for midwives at leading maternity hospitals, as well as brain development classes through Maternal Health Centres.

Dedicated to helping mothers and babies, she has completed post-graduate studies in paediatrics and pregnancy.

Andrea has gone on to study her Masters in Paediatrics and her paediatric research has been published in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia.

The Nurture You Chiropractic Family

Nurture You has grown from the love, appreciation and great results of our families and friends. It is a beautiful blessing to have the trust of Nurture You’s members.

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The miracle of newborns

The miracle of newborns

Often we see newborns just days after they've come into the world.
Working with toddlers

Working with toddlers

Hearing from mums about a toddler's complaints is all part of the process.

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